Bid for ICOH 2024 Congress

"...Would you know we're riding? On the Marrakesh Express! All on board that train..."

Welcome to Morocco, Welcome to Marrakesh!

The Moroccan occupational health professionals, members of the International Commission on Occupational Health and the Moroccan Occupational Health Association, in partnership with the Occupational Health Department of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hassan II University of Casablanca, are both proud and honoured to sponsor the Moroccan candidature to host the 34th international occupational health congress in 2024, to be held in Marrakesh.

Many national stakeholders, public, economic, scientific and associative, actively endorse this Moroccan candidature. We have already received the support and endorsement of world-renowned scientists. This is an additional pledge and a strong signal to make this conference a resounding scientific and social success.

Choosing Morocco will be the reflection of the strong commitment from ICOH to developing countries to ensure the highest impact on population with no or limited access to occupational health through governance and practice shaping, particularly in Africa.

Why should you vote for Morocco?

§  To sustain the Moroccan dynamism brought forward by the new constitution, under the enlightened aegis of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, which integrates the prevention of occupational risks in the strategic focus of public policies of our country.


§  To support, through worldwide recognition, the tremendous economic and social progress that Morocco is experiencing, allowing it to demonstrate its modernity and to increase its human capital value.


§  To engage various Moroccan institutional and economic actors in investment dynamics towards a real occupational health and safety preventive culture, favouring occupational accidents and diseases reduction, since Morocco has ratified the ILO convention 187. This is mandatory for the sustainability of our businesses.


§  To give access to all occupational health professionals in our country, the Maghreb region, the Middle East, Africa, and also worldwide… to an international event that gathers experts from all walks of life allowing us to bring to the fore the multidisciplinarity of knowledge and allowing them to experience constructive exchanges.

Why did we propose Marrakech?

§  To benefit delegates of the 34th congress from the charm, assets and know-how of Marrakesh in the field of organizing great international events, counting on its credit over 350 world-class references. One of the latest examples is the UN Climate Change Conference that brought together within two weeks, in November 2016, over 22.500 participants.


§  To produce strong and relevant ideas in a city, characterized by over 1000 years of heritage, its art of living, oriental scents and bright colours, which combines tradition and modernity and holds the promise of incomparable sensations and unforgettable memories.

We would be delighted to organize the 34th ICOH congress in Morocco, within the pure tradition of its legendary hospitality, a melting pot where multiple religions and cultures coexist in the peace and stability of a united country, confident in its future and unanimous around a monarchy of more than 500 years.

Pr Abdeljalil EL KHOLTI

Chair Moroccan Bid Committee




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